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Low on space or just looking for a smaller dragon?  Dale's Bearded Dragons now has a limited number of Rankins dragons (a smaller cousin to the bearded dragon).  These little gems only reach a top length of 8-10 inches and can comfortably be housed in a 20 gallon tank.  They are also less territorial then beardeds so males can be housed together unless you introduce a female, then fighting over the female can happen.  These guys have similar care and personalities as beardeds but come in a smaller more manageable package.  Check them out, they sure are cute.   

  These adorable guys and gals hatched on 9/11 and are a cross between a UK imported rankins and a US rankins.  This is impoertant since there are very few bloodlines of Rankins currently in the US.  They are currently approximately 8 inches long and growing and eating well.  They are $200 each plus shipping. 

These stunning guys and gals are from a 9/6/13 hatch froma hypo trans leather X a het hypo citrus.  They all carry the genes for hypo and trans and some are hypo, some are hypo leathers and some are normal. 

These outstanding dragons start at $95 plus shipping, hypos are $110 plus shipping and hypo leathers are $150 plus shipping.  That is great pricing for such beautiful dragons with these genetics.


This is a sweet 6 month old leatherback boy who eats everything in site.  He is currently in shed in the pic.  He is $150 plus shipping

This a very sweet 1 year old male leatherback.  He loves to snuggle and is very calm.  He is already head bobbing and black bearding at the ladies.  $200 plus shipping

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